WpComet is a team composed of experienced professionals in their own fields. We combine our power of 10+ years, 1,000s of jobs expertise with our vision for the future and respect for the past. Meaning; we are not all about the newest or “cutting edge” trends; while we like adopting new techniques, accessibility, compatibility & reliability are our bigger concerns.

Why You Should Choose WpComet ?

Upon your purchase we will be offering free lifetime updates for all of our extensions (themes & plugins). We will be updating our extensions on a regular basis, however we will not be bothering you with too frequent updates unless it is necessary since we are not big fans of update nags ourselves. You will also get free – best effort – support for your items, in addition to premium – direct support.

What we are about

  • We like keeping it native; we make use of native WP functionality where available, instead of replacing it with our own.
  • We like keeping it accessible; we are aware of the fact that not everyone has JS enabled at all times or have the latest iPhone or the best computer or connection.
  • We like keeping it compatible; we care about backwards compatibility as much as forwards, unfortunately we know that not all users have a habit of keeping their stuff updated.
  • We like keeping it fast; we believe our extensions should be functional first, appealing later.
  • We like keeping it secure; just like you, we want to set up our theme or plugins and not worry about them getting compromised.
  • We like keeping it simple; we love when things work "out of the box", so we make a clear distinction when it comes to basic and advanced settings or features.